About Me

Hello my name is Sarah. I am 29 years old and have lived in Southern Indiana my whole life and love it! I share my home with the love of my life, Jacob and his two children, Sophie and Keegan.  We have an abundance of furry creatures living with us including one dog and two cats. We all live in a beautiful historic home built in 1908.  We love this house for all its character and charm and take pride in ensuring the beauty of this older home is not lost.

When I first walked into our home I could see the immense potential and immediately started to work room by room to bring out the charm. I am always creating and rearranging the decor. I LOVE DIY projects and saving money. I have a passion for creating pretty spaces that are functional and cozy. I enjoy frequenting flea markets, antique shops, thrift shops and basically anywhere else where I’m allowed. I love pieces with a history or story whether they are passed down or found.

Whenever I’m not out hunting for the next great  item for my home I enjoy spending my time trying out new recipes and creating tasty dishes. Many of my favorite childhood memories involve sitting at the kitchen counter while watching my parents cook.  Because of this I have a lifelong love of cooking and creating lasting memories that are made in the kitchen. My recipes range from good ol’ comfort food to healthy food that is quick and easy to prepare.

I hope you enjoy the visit to my blog and can find inspiration in my designs, creations and projects. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by.