We Got Married!!!

And now the story you’ve all been waiting for… If you read our last post with the recap you all know we got married. Here’s how it happened…

Jacob and I had been quietly discussing getting married for a few months. We had gone and looked at some rings and talked about planning a wedding for next year and all that goes with it. Neither one of us was super excited about planning a big to do. So, a couple of months ago, I came home and asked Jacob how he felt about just going off somewhere and getting married rather than planning a big production. He was all for it. So then we started looking at our schedules and found a few days where we could both take off work. Once we had our days scheduled, we started looking at where we wanted to go. After looking into it we realized that you can’t really just elope anywhere due to different state laws. Then we started looking up places to elope and going through lists of all the places that made eloping easy. We came across a few choices that were possibilities and we both thought about it for a day and came back the next night and had been thinking the most about New Orleans. For me, the most important thing was getting great pictures and New Orleans seemed to have a ton of places to do that. For Jacob, New Orleans was always a place that he had wanted to visit and it was within moderately easy driving distance.

Now that we had decided on the location, we booked our stay on Airbnb. This was truly the way to go. For about what you’d pay for a less than stellar motel room we were able to stay in a half of a duplex that had a bedroom, living room, full kitchen and a bathroom. We were 10 minutes from everywhere. The place was super clean and tastefully decorated. Our host was very kind and helpful. If you want to see where we stayed you can click HERE.

I started looking into getting a photographer. All we could find on Google were photographers who were crazy expensive and unwilling to really do what I was looking for. So, we got creative and made a fake Facebook account and joined wedding groups in New Orleans and started posting questions in all the groups asking about good, reasonably priced photographers. We were going to be getting married on a Monday and leaving the next day so we were looking for someone who could take the pictures and then put them on a thumb drive for us so we could bring them back with us. We didn’t need them edited, just someone to take them. Someone commented on one of our posts and recommended Daniel Marquez from Marquez Fotos. We checked out his website and were really impressed. We contacted Daniel and told him about our plans and ideas. He was very excited and accommodating so we went ahead and booked him.

Next I started googling where to take wedding pictures in New Orleans to get an idea of where to go to get pictures taken and look for a pretty location for us to get married. One of the first things I came across was The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life in Audubon Park, New Orleans.

I also knew I wanted to get pictures in the French Quarter because I loved all the old world charm and painted brick and the historical architecture.

We went back and forth between hiring an officiant to perform the service for us at the Tree of Life or just getting pictures all around and then getting married at a courthouse. What really cinched the decision for us was when we found the Algiers Courthouse. The Algiers Courthouse was built in 1896 and is full of historical charm. They offered wedding officiant services at cheaper price than anywhere else we found as well as being able to file all the necessary waiver paperwork that we would have to have from being out of state.

Historical Algiers Courthouse.

Amidst all the planning we went out one Friday evening after work and went shopping and was able to buy my dress, Jacob’s outfit, the flowers and our rings all in one evening. So after about a week and half we had our wedding completely planned and about a month to just sit back and wait for the big day.

When the big weekend finally arrived we left out for New Orleans immediately after work not really knowing what we were driving down into thanks to tropical storm Cindy which had just passed through. We stopped for the night in Meridian Mississippi just as the last piece of Cindy was passing over head. We got up early the next morning and drove into New Orleans about 10:30. We dropped our stuff at our airbnb and went and ate brunch. We spent Saturday and Sunday touring the city and doing all the things you’re supposed to do in New Orleans. We toured the Garden District and the French Quarter. We walked down Bourbon Street and Magazine Street. We ate étouffée, beignets, oysters, crawfish boil and it was some of the best food we’ve ever eaten. We had a great time and enjoyed our first two days there but had an early night on Sunday because we were getting up early the next day to get married.

Bourbon Street
Raw oysters. We had chargrilled oysters too and they were so good.
Beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde.
St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

Monday morning came pretty early. We got up at 5 to start getting ready. We got ourselves ready at the house while drinking some fancy champagne. We met Daniel at the Tree of Life at 7:30. We planned for early pictures to try and get them done before it got too hot. The Tree of Life was beautiful and made for a perfect backdrop with its drooping limbs and hanging Spanish moss.

After we were done at the Tree of Life went to the Garden District to Lafayette Cemetery. During our tour of the Garden District we had visited here and saw the whitewashed brick wall of the cemetery and thought it would make a perfect backdrop for a few pictures.



Next we wanted to go to the French Quarter to get some pictures there but we weren’t sure how we were going to manage it. In our travels the days before we had found it extremely difficult to find a parking place in the French Quarter. This is where our photographer, Daniel, went above and beyond what was asked of him. He said he had a parking pass in a parking garage in the French Quarter and would play chauffeur for us and ride down together. This was our last stop to get some pictures before heading to the courthouse to get married.

The courthouse was so pretty but unfortunately they were preparing for some renovations so there was painter’s tape on all the windows. We are going to try to see if the painter’s tape can photoshopped out. Regardless, it is still a beautiful building that I would definitely recommend. Everyone there was extremely nice to us and helped make the day extra special.


Aside from getting married, this was one of our favorite places that Jacob and I have ever been too. The city is so unique and fun. The food is incredible and everywhere we went the service was outstanding. We hope to make it back as soon as possible, maybe an anniversary trip.

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  1. I loved this so much!!!! The pictures are beautiful. You both look so lovely. I can’t wait to hear more! See you two very soon hopefully. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!

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