All is well here at the Second Street Dwelling

Oh geez. It’s July already and our last post was in January. We suck. We’re sorry. Since the chest of drawers make-over, we have been insanely busy. There has been a ton going on and we’ll try and be better about keeping you all in the know.

We have started on a new project, a dresser that we are going to attempt to convert to a faux card catalog. We haven’t really worked on it in a few months and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner, but it’s about halfway done and we hope to be finishing it soon.

Here’s sneak peak of the faux card catalog. As you can see the last time we worked on it I was wearing a sweatshirt, lol. Don’t need those in July!

We’ve also been really busy with sports and getting healthy. In January we decided we were changing our lifestyle. We got a membership at the YMCA, started working out regularly, changed our eating habits and have been working on being healthier in general. We started by setting a goal for ourselves to run a 5k as a family to help jumpstart us getting into shape and to help get the kids get ready for spring sports. We ended up signing up for a Glo Run here in town with our friend Megan. We trained for many weeks all together and when the Glo Run came we all finished together and without walking at all.

Post-run group pic.

Sophie ended up doing track this past spring and achieved her goal of being able to run the 800m. She also threw shot put and got several ribbons for that. We also signed her up for a spring volleyball league. She improved her volleyball skills and had a lot of fun. Keegan did spring soccer (which Jacob and I coached) and had one of his best seasons so far. He scored several goals, we went undefeated, and he had a hat trick in one game which was one of his goals. I, if you can believe it, also joined Jacob’s indoor soccer league. It is a co-ed league and they were always running short on girl players so the whole team ganged up on me and convinced me to play. All in all, it was a good work out and a good learning experience. I did finally end up scoring a goal at the end of the season which kind of made up for all the blisters on my feet and general body soreness I experienced. They already told me I have to play again this winter.

Grabbing a much needed post-game beer after a soccer match and taking a selfie in our matching jerseys.

We also got the kids a pool for Christmas so this summer we’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up the backyard and getting the pool up as well as some landscaping projects. That ended up being a pretty big job. First we had to strip the sod and level the ground for the pool. Thankfully, Jacob is so big, strong and manly to be able to handle all that. (He made me write that.)

The circle for the pool after the sod was stripped. Jacob was REALLY happy this part was finished.

Next we worked on some landscaping to clean up the backyard some and make it more inviting. We did some raised bed landscaping on both sides of the steps leading to the backyard and put in a river rock/concrete paver walkway.

Raised beds and the beginning of the walkway.
The walkway finished and the raised bed that wrapped around the back of the house.

We also bricked around the pool and filled in with more river rock. The pool has already gotten quite a bit of use this summer. I think the kids, and their friends, are fans.

Did someone say pool party?

It was a lot of work but all in all we are really happy with it all and we spend more time out there now than we used to. We also hung some lights back there so that the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Lol.

The backyard is quite the hang out spot now.

We’ve been out of town a few times already this summer. We went to Ohio and visited with friends there and of course we played some croquet. It’s a whole lot more fun that it sounds. We always have great time when we visit.

A break in between rounds.
Group pic of all the croquet players. Its a little blurry, sorry:)

We also went to St. Louis to see a Cardinals game. They didn’t end up winning but it was fun nonetheless. We stayed at an Airbnb in a really hip part of town right across the street from the Budweiser brewery. We ate breakfast at The Mudhouse both mornings we were there because it was sooo good. We were trying to eat at fun local places and avoid all the chain restaurants and in doing so we had a lot of great food. We ate at LuLu’s Local Eatery, which is a vegan restaurant and very delicious. We also splurged and had a sweet treat of boozy ice cream at Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery. We both had maple bourbon and candied pecan ice cream and it was sinfully good.

Our view of the Cardinals game. It was a great night at the ballpark.

We  went out one night and were just going to have one drink before going back to our room but then we ended up playing shuffle board and making friends and stayed out later than we should have. But we had a great time!

We make friends wherever we go!

So far this summer has been amazing and definitely one for the books and we haven’t even got to the most exciting part yet. We still have a family vacation to Michigan in the plans and we just got back from New Orleans where we eloped!!! Will post soon! 🙂

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