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Merry Christmas everyone! As Christmas gets closer I decided to share my home with you all. I love to decorate like I’m sure you all know and I feel like Christmas is the most exciting holiday to decorate for. Our house is still in transition mode as I still haven’t really finished decorating for day to day. Not much has gone up on the walls yet mostly because I’m really picky and it is hard for me to find stuff I love enough to commit to hanging it on the wall. Does anyone else feel that way? When you actually hang something up it’s kind of a big step and I usually like to have everything for a room before I hang anything up. That takes time to gather all those things. But, anyways I won’t let that stop me from decorating for Christmas. Here is what the Second Street Dwelling looks like for Christmas this year.

When you walk in the first thing you see is our living room. I say this every year but I feel like this is the biggest tree we have ever had. I love my “BE MERRY” sign. I scooped that up last year from World Market.

This cute little nook is in the corner of our living room. Those little angles were my great grandmothers. I always loved them when I was a kid so my dad let me have them last year. The merry and bright pillow is from TJ Max.

This is our tv stand we refinished, you can see how we did that here> DIY Dresser Refurbish. I came across these cute little houses at Target in the dollar spot the other day and bought them all up. I have been back since and haven’t seen anymore. How is it that Target’s dollar spot always has such great stuff? Any time I see anything good there I always buy it up because it always seems to go quick. The little snowy trees and garland are from JoAnn’s. This is one of my favorite decorations this year. I just love those little houses.

Jasper loves the tree too, and of course he looks so cute laying there so I had to post this picture. I wanted to get a picture of the wrapping paper I used this year. At the beginning of the season I couldn’t find any wrapping paper that I liked and I was starting to get worried. Luckily I ended up finding some at TJ Maxx and Marshals and randomly I found some at Walmart. I ending up kinda going crazy and buying 8 different kinds, I will have plenty for next year right… That’s what I kept telling myself each time I bought a new roll.

This little window seat kind of got decorated on accident. I hung these old stockings on the window for fun then added the little trees and crocks. The garland, the little houses and glass trees were on my table and I moved them over to wrap presents and liked them so well I left it. Happy accident.

New set

I now have two sets of these kissing angels. Last year the girl angel on my original set got knocked over and broke. I glued her back together so she wasn’t completely damaged but she aged quite a bit last year. It still makes me sad that she got broke since they were my great grandmothers. This year Jacob gave me an early Christmas present and it was a new, “replacement set” of angles. But they were a few inches taller and a little different. They look almost the same but they aren’t so I just kept them both. I love having two sets though for a few reasons. One, they were my favorite Christmas decoration growing up and two, it was sweet of Jacob to try and replace them for me. So I will just keep them both 🙂

Old set. If you look real close you can see her face is kinda cracked. 🙁

This year I decided to decorate our bed room. I have never had our room decorated for Christmas but I gotta say I love it! I recently hung up those old window frames that I purchased over a year ago and hadn’t got around to hanging them up. I kept going back and forth on where I wanted them in the house. But I had a vision of how I wanted my room for Christmas and it included the window so at last they are hung! First thing hung in our room I might add, even though it’s been painted for over a year now. I got the little Christmas trees, wreathes and the ribbon they are hanging from at JoAnn’s. The “merry” and “noel” signs are from the dollar spot at Target and so are the red grain sack pillows. The white bedding is from Bed Bath and Beyond. The red quilt and pillows are from Stein Mart.

Thank you for checking out our Christmas tour of the Second Street Dwelling. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xoxo

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  1. Merry Christmas! What great imagination, creativity, and spirit reflected through your home? What happiness is evident for your family!

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