We Are Not Dead. Promise.

Let me start off by saying that life has been crazy lately. Our summer has been jam packed and we have been running non-stop leaving little time to catch up on the blog. I literally haven’t made anything and barely cleaned my house in a month. If you know me at all you know that is very unusual. So this is what we have been up to that’s been keeping us so busy.

I started a new job as Operations Manager for Sunshine Juice Company. I was really excited to take this position and I know you’ve heard me talk about this before on the blog. I believe in the product we make and sell and as an added bonus my boss is also one of my best friends. That being said the transition to working here did not go quite as smoothly as I’d hoped. The first week is always challenging as you are learning something new. At the end of my first week the buildings next door to us caught on fire. While we didn’t suffer any fire damage we still had significant smoke damage and no power. Week two saw me working from home doing what I could to try and get us back up and running and wondering if I would have a new job after all. Week three had me moving everything out of the old shop and into a storage unit while also moving the juicer to a temporary location to keep us running. Our temporary location was in a corner of the kitchen at Kirby’s/Sauced in Haynie’s Corner of Evansville. We had a few bumps in the road working out the kinks of sharing a kitchen but we were very grateful to them for allowing us to intrude on their space and also for feeding us the occasional yummy snack. If you haven’t been to Sauced and live in the Evansville area you should. It is VERY good eats. After a few weeks there, we moved back into our old space at River City Mercantile. We have been back there a while now and things have calmed down for a minute but we will be moving once again to a new permanent location by the end of August.

Downtown Fire
Downtown Fire

Jacob and I will be doing our part to get the new building ready to go so we should have lots to blog about coming up. I am excited to be doing the design work for this project and am thankful that my friend Chelsi is trusting me to do this. This will be my first commercial project. It’s been fun to be able to plan everything out, place orders for what I want, and make plans for the items that I want to build. I am looking forward to being able to get in there and get it all done and am excited to see it all come together.

New Shop
The front of the new shop, so ready to get in there and get to work!

Although most of last month was spent working I was able to carve out some time for a few fun things. Jacob, the kids and I went to Zanesfield Ohio where we were able to relax for a weekend. Jacob’s mom has an apartment there where she spends a about a week a month with her friends. She took the kids up there for a week to take part in a camp put on by the Logan County Art District. The kids have gone and done this a couple years in a row now and really enjoy it as well as going to visit their “Ohio friends”. We stayed in a great bed and breakfast across the street from Jacob’s mom’s apartment called Myeerah’s Inn. We had a great breakfast served to us each morning and then spent the days going to antique stores and meeting new people. Jacob’s mom’s best friend, Laura, wanted me to put a pinky peach streak in her hair while I was in town so I did. Laura had never colored her hair before so this was very fun. I put a streak in mine and Sophie’s hair too but it didn’t show up as well as Laura’s. We went to a party at Laura’s house and made some of our own “Ohio friends”. We are planning another weekend trip back there soon it was so fun.

Great fire at our Ohio friend's party.
Great fire at our Ohio friend’s party.

I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful photographer as my father. One of the things I really wanted to do this summer was get some 4th of July family pictures taken and wasn’t about to let a busy schedule keep me from getting that done. Finding matching outfits for this photo shoot was the easiest I have come across. We were able to find matching outfits for everyone in about 3 hours of shopping. I have spent a solid month looking for the right matching clothes for other shoots before. I am really pleased with how they turned out. I like to get family pictures fairly often and I normally include my nephew, Connor, in them because he is growing so fast right now.

Sophie and Keegan
Connor and I

Other than all that minor stuff (yeah right) we have also managed to work several farmer’s markets, beer festivals, trips to Holiday World, and spontaneous backyard whiffle ball games into our schedule. We hope that things begin to slow down a bit now that summer is starting to wind down and we will be able to focus on the blog more than we have been. Be patient with us and keep watching to see the projects we will be doing for the shop.

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  1. Jacob–
    Did you think to stick a brisket or two in all that free smoke? Thanks for the updates, Sarah. I’m glad you’re getting back to normal.
    — your ol’ unc

    1. Due to the age of the buildings there would probably be a good chance of asbestos in all that smoke. I think I’ll just have to smoke that brisket some other time!

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