Ibotta Review

I, like many people, love to save money. I have several apps that I use to save money but most recently I downloaded Ibotta. So far I have made 21$ using this app for only a couple months with me not even trying. I use the app as more of an after thought then planning my trips around it. After about two months of using it I am really pleased with how fast I earn money. I have used Walmart’s Saving Catcher and Target’s Cartwheel apps and I have made more money with this one in two months then I have with the other two in over a year. The best part about it is that it goes toward your PayPal or Venom account so you can use it on anything not just at a certain store. This app also has rebates for things other than just the grocery store.


Ibotta offers a sign up bonus of $5 if you sign up through a referral link. After you have clicked on the link and signed up you will want to download the app. After you have downloaded the app you have to sign up with in 10 days to get the $5. Easiest $5 you may ever make.


Now comes the fun part. You can go through and see what items have rebates. What I have been doing is going shopping and when I get home I check and see if anything I happened to buy has a rebate. This works out fine but if you look ahead and make a plan/list you can maximize you earnings. I intend to start doing this…..;) If something you have bought or intend on buying has a rebate you just click on it then hit unlock. Once you have unlocked all your rebates you just hit verify purchase. The next step depends on where you are shopping from, sometimes you take a picture of the whole receipt and other just a barcode. After you have verified your purchases it take a few hours or sometimes a day to see the money on your Ibotta account but from my experience its usually pretty quick.

Lets be friends and save money together!! Just click on this link to get $5 —-> Ibotta. Thanks for stoping by the blog today, if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.

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