I’m still alive. I swear.

Does anyone ever have those days when they feel like they have been so busy but they haven’t got anything done???? Gosh I have been having those feelings a lot lately. It’s been so pretty outside and I haven’t made the time to sit and write some blog posts. We have started a lot of projects but haven’t got anything done to blog about. One of my biggest pet peeves is completing one thing at a time so that you don’t have a million things half done. Well needless to say I have not been living my life by my normal code. (That sounds like something Dexter would say, see next paragraph.)

Watching Dexter in everyone's new favorite chill spot.
Watching Dexter in everyone’s new favorite chill spot.

It all started about a week ago when I laid down on Keegan’s bed to watch a show on Netflix. Keegan’s bedroom has recently become the family chill spot since we moved our bedroom tv in there a few weeks back. I have no idea why this has happened considering Keegan has our old bed and our old tv, lol. So it’s basically like our old room. Anyways, I settled in to Keegan’s bed and started Dexter…… bad idea. I haven’t got much done since I started this new binge. This is why I don’t watch tv. It’s too much of a time suck for me. Well there goes all of last weekend and every night this past week.

The weekend came again and I will say I definitely got more accomplished this weekend. I watched my nieces and nephew so it’s saying something that I got anything done at all with 5 kids running around. That being said Jacob worked on his Mothers Day gift while I worked on revamping the blog. After the kids went to bed both nights we may or may not of stayed up a good part of the night watching Dexter.

Zeus really likes Jacobs newest build.
Zeus really likes Jacobs newest build.

Sunday we made a quick trip to Holiday World. We got season passes this year so this was the first of many trips I’m sure. Best part about going this early in the season is that it’s not busy. We road every ride as much as we wanted in just a few short hours. By this evening I was wiped from no sleep and well, honestly, Dexter is calling my name.

If your live in southern Indiana you have about a billion of these pictures.
If you live in Southern Indiana you have about a billion of these pictures.

In closing we aren’t even half way through Dexter and we have several projects going. I promise to try and get my shit together, lol. My friend from work asked if I got abducted by aliens because I’m not acting like myself… I’m not sure.



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